Community Architects

We are the Community Architects, a community committed to bringing together different community moderators, owners, designers and members from all platforms across the board into one place to share our biggest passion: Building communities.

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community-submitted resources

We have all sorts of different articles and tools for you to accomplish your goal, including helpful pieces on growing a community, creating a welcoming environment, garnering and improving based on feedback, handling tough scenarios and more. All our resources are either published by Discord themselves, or submitted by our volunteer community experts, and are guaranteed to be of utmost quality

Top tier advice panels

Full of experts in their respective skill, Community Architects gives you the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from some veteran community designers, developers and management! When asking a question, you can be sure that the response is tailored to your specific inquiry, invoking helpful conversations on how can you improve your community.

Interactive Stage And Podcasts

Hosted by the staff team at Community Architects, and often featuring a special guest, we regularly organize interactive stage and podcast events, always talking about a different aspect of community design. These events give you, the audience, an opportunity to participate in an public-forum session, allowing you to learn and ask questions about some of the more thorough and technical aspects of managing a community.